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At Keilalift we offer support services for the industry, such as CNC Plasma Cutting, Metal Bending, CNC Lathe and Milling Industrial, Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair and MIG - TIG Welding Service. The above with the highest quality based on the requirement that the industry demands.

Plasma cutting

We provide the CNC plasma cutting service to industrial companies, maquiladoras, mining companies, etc. in order to optimize their subprocesses and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Bending Service

We provide the service of bending of steel to companies with the objective of reducing your operating expenses. We work hand in hand with the Industrial Cluster, providing smart solutions.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair

We have the service of manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders. We have the infrastructure, experience and trained personnel. We carry out all the tests to guarantee the quality of the manufacture of our products.

CNC Turning

We have Industrial CNC Turning and Milling, for the manufacture in series or unique pieces with quality and precision required by the market. Through professional technicians and infrastructure we keep the highest standards for the manufacture.

Welding Services

We provide our services of specialized welding MIG, and TIG with Certified Welders.
  • We specialize in the needs of our clients, implementing the highest standards of Mexican and international quality.


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